Social and Environmental Impact

Linkcard offers professionals with conscience, companies with a mission and responsible corporations a solution that is both useful, sustainable and compatible with CSR goals.

Social Design

We are proud to create a new category that we have called “Social Design” – by introducing an innovative online design tool, we are de-facto creating new sources of income and job opportunities for many areas such as: freelancers, digital nomads, graphic design agencies, branding and communication agencies, marketing & advertizing agencies, web developers, among others.

By impacting hundreds of thousands of professionals, Linkcard contributes its grain of sand to the world of work and collaboration.

for the environment

At Linkcard we believe that the sum of each small action converts into a major impact. If you still use the paper format, Linckard invites you to take care of the environment by migrating to a digital format thus eliminating tons of spending on trees and damage to our nature.